Monthly Archives: April, 2022

Two Capsules, Confusion, and a Ring

Capsules, Confusion, and a Ring The title is the short side of this story.  Here goes!Every day I take two capsules that help my vision at least stay where it is, although it is getting dimmer, it is still clear most days.  It set the two capsules out on my desk in a green lid …

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An April Doodle

April is a favorite months for me.  Spring is my favorite season, and baseball is my favorite sport.  It is a wonderful mix! It seems that I have acquired a well-rounded enjoyment of music, but nothing quite matches the crack of bat and the roar of a baseball stadium. When the pandemic was at its …

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At Calvary

A song for the day, today, Good Friday. Do you recall, as I do, that time was when schools and businesses closed at noon on Good Friday. Everything seemed to stop to remember that day when Jesus went to the cross, willingly, to pay the penalty in our place for our sin. Read the words, …

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