Perfection and Consistency: a word to the wise

This morning the sun rose in the east. It is now trying so very hard to break through the heavy cloud cover today. I see peaks every now and then. Now, if world leaders controlled the universe (as they seem to think they do) the sun might come up, might not. It might come up in the0scouth one day and the west another. We would be in trouble! If the moon did not function with consistency, the tides would lose control and the beaches would be unsafe. Sea travel would be consistently more dangerous.

For those of us, myself included, would consider this truth more frequently, there would be less reason for worry. In the terms of culture today, God has “got this.”

Just a little word to the wise today.



  1. John Hallman

    love it

    • John, feel welcome to use anything from this site in message preparations. A little snippit from these can make a good, but short illustration. I don’t mean to brag. God gives these to me and I just share.

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