Creation and Country

I had the pleasure of teaching in Christian schoolroom all of my teaching career. It was more of a calling than a career. I plugged into places where a teacher was needed, but I mostly taught high school English. In all my years, I never had any fear of a parent getting in ill-temper because I emphasized the importance of God in our lives.
This afternoon I began thinking about Joyce Kilmer’s poem, “Trees.” Sometime in elementary school I memorized that poem. It was in a country school where eight grades gathered together in one room. We started the day with the national anthem, and the Lord’s Prayer. No one complained. In fact, it was what the parents wanted for the school.
Our textbooks were filled with accurate History and science. Creation was taught without bias although evolution existed in books. It was taught as a theory, unproven, an idea. We all believed in the Bible as a significant book.
I am a child of the 1940’s and ’50’s. I am blest. If you get misty-eyed when the flag passes in a parade and admire a soldier in uniform, well you are either like me, or a product of a parent or grandparent who has never given up on God and Country.

In Psalm 33:12 the writer declares: “Blessed is the naation whose God is the LORD. . .”



  1. Beautifully said, Karyl. Those were good days. Not perfect, but good.

  2. John Hallman

    good stuff, mom

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