Sniff, Sniff–Goodby May

May is my favorite month of the year.  The weather is usually not to hot and not too cold in May.  It is a “free” month when it comes to heating and cooling. That isn’t the only thing about May I like, however.  My yard has something blooming the entire month of May.  Although the blooming things trigger allergies, I still enjoy the beauty of the blooms and they stay outside. Walking becomes a pleasure rather than a chore. Yard work sets in, but along with it the satisfaction of results. And, my birthday falls during May. 

This past month I added a great-granddaughter to my ever-growing family.  She arrived on May 19 and weighed in at nine pounds.  Her name is Willow Rae.  I love her already and haven’t even seen her except in pictures.  She adds to a list of birthdays in this already busy month. Add graduations to the month and it becomes busy. Add piano recitals and it is even busier.  During my teaching years, May also meant the end of a school year along with all the duties of closing out a school year classroom and saying farewells to graduating seniors with the deep hope in my heart that I had prepared them for the future in the use of grammar and composition.
Then came Memorial Day.  Not a single Memorial Day passes without hearing in my head, “I think we should take the boat out today.”  It seems always too cold to do that, but we all went anyway.  We packed a picnic lunch and off we went.  I learned after the first outing to ALWAYS take a jacket!  Whether is was a good or not so good outing, I have to admit, it sure has created a lasting memory.
I have several military members in my mother’s side of the family. Fortunately, none of them gave their lives in the ultimate sacrifice, yet I am happy to know they served our country well. My dad was a dairy farmer and was exempt from draft, so they said.  The army needed farmers to feed the soldiers.
As you leave the month of May to enter into June and the summer months, I’d love to know what your plans are. What books are you planning to read, which vegetables are your favorites from the garden, do you plan trips to the farmer’s market if you don’t garden, and many more questions linger  in my mind. Follow Jesus, day by day, hour by hour through these days of turmoil in our nation and make every day count.  See you in June!



  1. No special plans, Karyl. June 7 is our 53rd anniversary, but I doubt Terry has even thought about it. It’s just not his jam 🙂 We have a grandson turning 18, and there will be a party for that. Otherwise, a nice quiet month of enjoying the weather when it’s good!

  2. Happy Annilversary and congrtulations on this longevity.

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