Turn to the Light

A theme has stuck in my head, fallen to my heart, and perhaps leaked  out of my fingers on the keyboard this week.  It is LIGHT.  In the events that have evolved since November 3, 2020, Americans have experienced the sharp contrast between light and darkness.  While those who are deceptive love darkness because their deeds are evil (John 3:19) the bearers of the light of righteous living turn to the light.  In fact, they are natural light carriers. There is no doubt that if both sides of the news were covered honestly without readers and listeners having to search for truth, the contrast between light and darkness would be unmistakable.

The propaganda machines have, in some instances, been turned onto high speed. Those who choose to stay in the darkness of deceit offer up methods of blinding eyes.  But this is not new.  It is as old, probably, as the Garden of Eden.  If I were going to do a thorough study on the topic, it would take me so many pages, I would develop a book.  My goal here is to inspire the reader to search for a way out of darkness into light.

  I have a philodendron in my office.  That plant has a history now of eleven years, but I won’t bore you with that.  This morning when I poured the remains of my bottle of water on it, I also gave it a quarter turn on its stand.  If I did not turn “Phyllis” every two or three days, she would lean sideways to the light from the window and be all lopsided.  I want her to full, well-shaped, and glamourous so I give her a twist every third day or so.  The same is true of my “Sophie” the spider plant in another room.  She is outside in the summer and gets balanced light, but in the winter, I must do the balancing for her.  And yes, I also have “Gertrude” and “Gracie” which are geraniums I am wintering over, and a few other plants that so far, are nameless.

Some plants thrive in low light but most plants like sunlight, water, and no weed competition.  It is important to plant our annuals and perennials where they will thrive.  But humans, well, they must take themselves where they will thrive.  Wise and loving parents will guide their children to make the better choices between light and darkness.  Once the child grows into young adulthood, parents can hope that the child will make independent choices to do what is right.

To get into the nitty gritty of these past six months or more let’s look at choices.  A majority of those in destructive riots are young adults.  The family has failed them.  Otherwise, they would not be setting fires, looting, breaking windows, and throwing frozen water bottle at law enforcement officers.  Protesting is acceptable if the protest is controlled and can be controlled by law enforcement. It has been my observance that the more peaceful protesters are older.  They consist of people above age thirty and some into their sixties.  They don’t set fires, loot, or carry weapons with the intent of killing. All they want to do is make their voice heard.

In the most recent protest that has drawn national attention, that protest was infiltrated with the wrong crowd.  That’s a problem.  Acts to deceive even the innocent is borne of the darkest of hearts.  It is not new.  I have read and heard the stories of such infiltration into the opposition by the enemy as far back as World War II.(Just for fun, recall to memory “Hogan’s Heroes.”)  It probably goes back further. 

Eternal vigilance is the only solution for those who use a cloak of darkness to conceal their evil intentions.  That vigilance starts in the home.  It starts in the highchair when we fold little hands together in prayer and thank Jesus for food to eat.  It starts when mothers sing “Jesus Love Me” to an infant during a diaper change.  It continues when we quote Bible verses from the book of Proverbs as we lay the bricks of good character. 

If I neglect to turn my plant every two days or so, I will have a leggy, unbalanced plant. 
Parents teach the precepts of God’s Word.  Nurture with light, love, and character-building control.  Follow the child with prayer every day.

Only when parents stay together and rear children with decent character will America change. It takes Light.
Jesus is the Light of the world.  Lean into Him.



  1. This is Klassic Karyl :). Well done, as always.

    I had a long-lived philodendron that I names Phil. He died, poor guy, when we moved out here.

  2. Phyllis is a cutting off the plant Debby took after my mom’s funeral. She has given several starts to people from off of that plant. It nearly froze when they moved in Jaanuary several years back now. She put it in ICU and revived it. I’ve used that plant as an illustration in several Bible lessons, but I don’t think ever on a weblog. Thank you for your comment.

  3. Denise Hallman

    I didn’t remember seeing this one on FB. I was doing a mail Clean out and came Across it. It is very good. Thanks for sharing.

    On Thu, Feb 4, 2021 at 5:03 PM The Shepherd’s Presence wrote:

    > theshepherdspresence posted: ” A theme has stuck in my head, fallen to my > heart, and perhaps leaked out of my fingers on the keyboard this week. It > is LIGHT. In the events that have evolved since November 3, 2020, > Americans have experienced the sharp contrast between” >

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